” Offrir le talent des plus grands musiciens en public et en partage avec chacun, en tous lieux. “

Duo Grether – Bardin: wonderful USA performances

February 2102: the two French artists Elsa Grether and Delphine Bardin went on a concert tour in Boston (Pickman Hall) and New York (Carnegie Weill Hall), getting a resounding success as well as in the outreach concerts they offered at Goddard House in Boston, and Saint Benedict’s Prep School in Newark, New Jersey for about 600 students. For most of them it was the first time they attended a concert of classical music.
The artists report that they enjoyed the morning and they were particularly impressed by the extremely attentive audience, listening carefully to their music and to the many comments thy provided with the pieces they played.
Several boys were then invited by the artists to the public concert at Carnegie Hall, and they came with their parents, to everyone’s delight.

Pro Musicis France is very grateful to Pro Musicis USA Foundation for this invitation and the brilliant recognition of the worldwide Pro Musicis Family Artists spirit.

Enabling Pro Musicis USA Award Winners to play in France and givinig the opportunity to France Award Winners is one of the main objectives and most remarkable achievments of the Pro Musicis mission.


Emails following Elsa and Delphine’s concert
« Elsa and Delphine were a treat to listen to. My friends and I were so very glad that we could see/hear them; Elsa seemed like she was floating on air for the rest of the night! I must confess that their interpretation of the first movement of the Brahms was quite moving, leaving me teary-eyed… and I will never, ever forget the sounds they evoked in the Szymanowski and Debussy. Brava to both! »
Alexandria Le, pianist, 2011 winner of Pro Musicis award in NY

« Elsa and Delphine were superb – what a performance! and they are so humble, both, very touching. Thank you, John, for bringing these wonderful musicians to New York. »
Caroline Corwin, concert patron and donor (never missed a concert in 20 years)

“Beautiful. Beautiful. Elsa and Delphine are sooooo great!”
Resident Frank Jackson commented on the inspiring performance at Goddard House.

« An audience of frail older adults was transfixed for the entire performance as these two gifted artists played a wonderfully challenging program. We’ve come to expect great performances from Pro Musicis artists but this one stood out for another reason. The artists had faced an airline strike in France and arrived here in the U.S. – down to the wire for their public performance schedule. We could only imagine the pressure they were under, but they arrived at Goddard House with great poise, focus and set right to performing. This was awesome as well! We were happy to extend an invitation for them to stay on to rehearse for the afternoon. It was the least we could do in appreciation. All of us at Goddard House wish both Elsa and Delphine the very best. »
Ginny Mazur, Goddard House

« Wonderful concert last night (Carnegie Hall). The Debussy was so beautiful and the Szymanowski was outstanding. »
John Gingrich, Manager


Enfants de Bach: handicap et Youtube

    Commencées en octobre 2013, les classes « Enfants de Bach » pour enfants polyhandicapés ont été lancées par Pro Musicis et Delphine Bardin pianiste-concertiste, qui leur a donné ce nom.